What is ImpactMojo?

ImpactMojo is the idea that global development can be done better.
We provide foundational training on global development to social-impact organizations and individuals, for free.

Whether you're struggling with a Theory of Change or looking to choose an appropriate sample size for an evaluation or trying to understand how to "word" that grant application, we can help you.

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Expert Pedagogy
>>> Online Courses featuring videos
>>>Over 40 hours of instructional material
>>> High-quality and specially curated reading material
>>>Access to a closed community of co-learners
>>>Quick-referesher apps for all concepts you can carry on your phones and plenty of follow-up.
>> Offered in a variety of blended formats
>>Self-paced and offer easy payment plans.
>>> All courses have certificates.
>>>Over 60% of all our teaching and learning material is free.

We cover topics as basic as sampling, logic frameworks and indicators to cutting-edge topics such as using artificial intelligence for human progress.
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Why Choose ImpactMojo?

Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations working in the international development space to adopt a standard of practices to create truly impactful and cost-effective social development interventions. 

Because we live OUR VALUES 

We help development organisations create broad-based and effective programmes. We help measure effect and impact and we help you benchmark your costs. We do this because we care about making development truly effective.

At the center of what we do is "digging deep",  we love asking questions and believe that while simple answers are often desirable they are also often wrong. We believe in embracing complexity and that learning can only happen outside a comfort zone.

We know that the vast majority of development programmes lack rigor and impact. we want to help change that, we think there is real potential to do better and to do development well. We are committed to seeking the truth in development work.

We believe that true success in development, like with any complex system, can only come from collaboration. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in development and we care deeply about right-sizing for impact and cost-effectiveness. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing is the way we do things. 

We don't want to be in your life "forever", our aim is to help you NOT need us.

Impact Mojo allows you to blend the best of real-word experience and collaboration and a solid understanding of " the why" behind international development. 

We believe in right-sizing, we can show you how to save costs, time and maximize impact opportunities.

1. We focus on the PRACTICAL. We will point you towards excellent theoretical material and discuss it with you - but we will always focus on how theory can be relevant to YOUR work and situation. To that end, we will always give you tools and templates, plenty of space to ask questions and plenty of thumb-rules you can use.

2. We will always encourage COLLABORATION. We don't assume that we have all the answers, neither should you. Global development is a complex endevour and a large part of the problem with the lack of rigour in the sector is the idea that development work doesn't need to be rigorous. All our courses allow access to a Community of Practice (online), a Discussion Forum with classmates and lots of Project work.

3. We encourage you to STRETCH. Our courses will always push you to think harder, longer, better and to question things you might have assumed before. 

About ImpactMojo

ImpactMojo is brought to you by PinPoint Ventures - a research firm that extends high-quality advisory, capacity building and support to development sector organisations focusing on research and evidence. We believe that good research is about evaluating the quality of every kind of evidence.

ImapctMojo and PPVentures both operate under the IdeaLogWorks banner, an umberalla innovation consulting firm which is the brainchild of the award-winning researcher Varna Sri Raman


Where can I see a catalogue of courses?

Scroll down the page, our visit this link. 

How are your courses structured?

Great question! Take a look at this detailed page on Course Structure. If you still have questions, send us an e-mail or leave us a message in the chat-window and we will do our best to get a response to you. 

Can I "Audit" your courses?

Unfortunately no, we do not offer any auditing of paid courses at this time. 

We think that we offer a very generous trial period and given that over 60% of our course material is free, we already do more than allowing free audits of our courses. 

To understand more about why we don't allow course audits visit our Policies page. 

Can I share these courses?

No unfortunately not. We work very hard to bring all this free content to you and have costs to pay to keep our work alive

Please do not share logins, if you do and we find out we may ban you from accessing material. To understand our point-of-view on paid content, please check our Policies page. 

If you want a friend to check-out our courses, please write to us we can offer a very generous trial. 

We are working on ways to offer shared subscriptions and ways to gift courses too. Stay tuned.

I have a course idea!

Awesome, send us an e-mail with your suggestion. If we love your idea we will give you a course free. 

What are Downloads? Can I keep my course materials?

Free courses and the free Foundation Series include downloadable material that you can keep, forever . No questions asked. 

Membership trials and advanced course trials allow participants to retain material differently. 

Please visit the Policies page to understand this more. 

ImpactMojo also regularly publishes and distributes high-value downloadables and these are free for everyone. 

I want to understand your Pricing?

Check out the Pricing page. If you still have questions leave us a message via the chat-window and we will respond as soon as we can. 

What is the difference between a Free Course and a Trial?

We offer a free Foundations series. When you sign up for a free course, you can either opt to sign-up for 1 free course or the entire Foundation Series which is a bundle of free courses, structured progressively towards a certificate. 

A free trial allows you access to one of our advanced paid courses, course series or memebrship to our community and access to all our courses, for a limited time. 

Vist the trial page for more details. 

What are the main benefits of Membership versus purchasing single or multiple course access?

In general we recommend membership because it offers more value for money. With membership you get access to all kinds of extras including discounts to new courses, always-updated course material, office-hours with staff, access to live-coaching sessions, access to a community of experts and so on. 

However, single courses or bundles may be more appropriate for you depending on your context and need. The best way to determine what suits you best is speak to one of our stellar customer support staff, who can walk you through the decision. Book a slot via the chat window. 

Can I get a Discount?

Check out the Specials page for discounted courses, bundled courses on discounts and upcoming specials. Also sign-up for our newsletter, that gets you an automatic 10% discount. You could also write to us and request a coupon code, we are always happy to consider requests!

What if I don't like your course?

We welcome feedback. In many cases we offer refunds. In either case, send us an e-mail, so we can address the problem. 

I want to work with you/intern with you?

We're always looking for people to work on our team. Send us an e-mail telling us why and what you want to do here - at ImpactMojo. 

I have a technical issue...

Please leave us a compaint here or ping us in the chat window and we will sort it out for you. 

How do I get in touch with you?

Use the contact page.